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      People voice concerns about public transit

      Albany Public Transit customers voiced their concerns Thursday about what they want to see change about the transit system.

      Wendy Laramore says she's had an issue with a couple of reckless bus drivers.

      "It's like your brain has been thrown against your skull," Laramore said. "By the time you get where you're going, your head hurts. You don't feel like shopping."

      She added there are many other great drivers but a few who shouldn't be driving.

      Tennasha Gresham, transit planner, took questions from the public. She also talked about new buses that are on the way in the fall and spring 2015.

      There are some routes that may change after they received a request to allow service near the Water, Gas, & Light building.

      "We're actually going to do some modification to one of our routes which happens to be the silver line that will allow service there," Gresham said.

      Gresham says overall, it was a productive day. She says she took notes and will work to get some issues resolved.

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