Pedestrians struck by a vehicle Saturday night

Two pedestrians struck on MLK Drive Saturday night. / Matt Prichard

First Update (11/12/12)
The Albany Police Department have released the list of charges that have been filed again Glen Jones.

The charges include possession of dangerous drug, drugs not being in their original container, DUI, driving with suspended privileges, being unlicensed, possessing alcohol in an open container, possession of marijuana, and leaving the scene of an accident where injury has occurred.

Initial Story (11/11/12)
Two pedestrians were struck by a vehicle around 7:00 PM, Saturday night. The two victims were 17-year-old, Fernese Jenkins, and 21-year-old, LaQuisha Hines.

The two were walking south on MLK Drive near the curb, when 42-year-old Glenn Jones struck them with his FORD F150 truck.

Jones left the scene and retreated to the Mt. Zion Apartments, where he was located by Albany Police and transported to the Law Enforcement Center downtown.

The initial investigation revealed that alcohol appeared to be a factor in the crash, and Jones was placed in the Dougherty County Jail.

Early reports stated that Jenkins and Hines had sustained severe injuries from the incidents, however no further details have become available.

This investigation is ongoing, and we will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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