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      Peanut Proud products helps curb hunger

      Seven pallets of peanut butter were delivered to the Second Harvest Food Bank Tuesday morning.Georgia Peanut Commission officials say peanut butter is packed with nutrients that can provide a full meal.

      You can eat that the rest of your life and never suffer from malnutrition, said Don Koehler, Executive Director for the Georgia Peanut Commission.

      The "Peanut Proud" program is a humanitarian effort to curb hunger.

      Although other peanut butter brands can be found in stores, Peanut Proud is served up only for food banks and disaster zones.

      Farmers donate their crops, Kroger makes the product, and it's shipped all across the south to fill one belly at a time.

      I tell you what, I TMm proud to be a part of an industry that has a heart and that's what the peanut industry has is a heart, said Don Koehler.

      Kroger makes the peanut butter right here in Albany, Georgia. Officials say they are starting with the people who are in need in their backyard.Georgia Peanut Commission officials want to deliver six semi-truck loads of peanut butter this year, but right now due to the economy, they only have the money to do three.

      A second shipment was shipped to Tallahassee, Florida Tuesday afternoon.

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