Peanut pride on display for 50th anniversary celebration

The Georgia Peanut Commission celebrated it's 50th anniversary, Tuesday, unveiling their brand new headquarters. / Matt Prichard

Georgia has always been known as the "peach state", however on Tuesday the Georgia Peanut Commission reminded everyone, that there's another primary crop here in the southeast.

"Peanuts provide people with great nutrition at a bargain price, and we're proud to furnish that as peanut farmers," said peanut farmer, Jimmy Blitch.

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, the Georgia Peanut Commission unveiled its brand new headquarters Tuesday ushering in a new era for the peanut farming industry.

"It's very exciting because we're partners with the peanut commission here, and we're real interested in what they do, and we've always been supportive of our peanut farmers and what they do to not only promote agriculture, promote peanuts, but also do the research work for the farmers," said President of the Georgia Farm Bureau, Zippy Duvall.

The building was also built for the future of Southwest Georgia, with the intention of educating the public about the importance of peanut farming.

"We wanted a place close to I-75 where the public could visit, learn more about peanut production in Georgia, and learn about its importance to the economy," said Georgia Agriculture Commissioner, Gary Black.

However the building will also be used to educate students about the art of peanut farming.

"It's going to be a great place for students, I really do believe that it's going to be a real important place for not only South Georgia, but students from all over our 159 counties to come and visit," said Black.

The building will feature a peanut shaped pond, and a plan to have the parking lot paved is underway