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      Peace of mind is worth the cost

      UPDATE 7/31/13:The Moultrie Police Department arrested Brandon Fields in connection to the lawn-mower being stolen. He is being charged with robbery and theft by taking.

      He is currently booked into the Colquitt County Jail.

      ORIGINAL STORY: A homeowner in Colquitt County had a lawn mower stolen right out of their yard. Thanks to surveillance video they have a clear picture of the suspect which will help officials find the man even quicker.

      FOX 31 spoke to several alarm system agencies who stressed how important it is to have an alarm system and surveillance cameras.

      They said the price of technology, and especially cameras, is going down and people are running out of excuses not to invest in them.

      Experts say when looking for these outdoor cameras you want one in color if possible, one that is designed to be outside, and one in high-def resolution.

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