Party for the planet

Earth day celebrations typically happen once a year. Doing a good deed once a year, though, won't cut it if we want to continue to preserve our planet.

Many guest and groups joined forces at Chehaw to celebrate Mother Earth's birthday. All groups that attended had the same goal, green preservation.

People of all ages attended this event. Jackie Entz, the education coordinator, loves working with kids because kids are malleable. "You can teach them a lot and they absorb so much, so by teaching them about Mother Earth at a young age, it is going to help make sure that they have the Earth around for them in the future.

Each group brought something different. The Forestry Commission gave away trees; school children displayed their art, and others did crafts. One of the main features was the solar powered shed. It was designed with two tow-liter bottles that served like 55-watt light bulbs. There was light all the time so you aren't using any electricity.

The day ended with a cake and singing Mother Earth happy birthday.

It was a great way of being good to the Earth. Changes should be made every day. Our community is getting involved and we are making the difference. Will you join?

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