Parks and Rec offers numerous trails for exercise

A walking trail at Tift Park has exercise apparatus

In our Facebook Story of the Day, you wanted to know where you could walk or run for exercise in Albany.

According to Albany Parks and Recreation, there are a number of free facilities the public can use.

There is the 3.2 mile walking trail that starts at Veterans Amphitheater in Albany and ends at Cox Landing in Leesburg. Many people often ride their bikes on this trail, according to Albany Parks and Recreation.

There's also a trail at Tift Park that has exercise apparatus throughout the trail.

People can also find two treadmills at the Jackson Heights Fitness and Wellness Center. The facility is free but Parks and Recreation asks people to fill out an application so they are registered.

"There are people on the trails every day. And we have people here at the park every day, we have regulars we even have some day care groups that come out and exercise on the trails. we just love people to come out, use the facilities we have, they're safe," says Suzanne Davis with Albany Parks and Recreation.

Davis says there is also an app for smart phones called Playspace Finder. By using the app, the phone notifies users when they are near a park.