Parked cars dangerous in summer heat

Imagine walking past a parked car on a scotching hot day and hearing a child screaming.

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Imagine walking past a parked car on a scorching day and hearing a child screaming.

Jena Gorman says, "it's your child, how can you leave her in car by herself when she's that little?"

Many parents have the same concern.

Gorman adds that the thought of leaving her 17-month-old baby girl in a steaming car alone is unimaginable.

Heat exhaustion, inside cars, is one of the biggest problems affecting kids during the summer months.

Hal Pinson says, "they're going to start sweating and then they're going to get red faced or they could pass out."

Pinson adds that in one month, the EMS receives between two and three calls relating to the alarming issue. Something that he says is solely based off parents lack of common sense and responsibility.

"They just think, I'll only being there for a second or a minute; then they run in and run into someone they know or decide to get a few more things and end up taking several minutes rather than just a few seconds," said Pinson.

He adds that parents need to think because those few seconds can quickly go from a mistake to a crime.

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