Parents, students at Worth Co. High take action

Parents and students at Worth County High School are doing what they can to make things right.

On Tuesday, formal complaints about last Friday’s search were filed at the Sylvester Police Department.

“Whatever we needed to do in the proper manner, you know, as a mom, you know, I had to come here to do what needed to be done here today,” parent Amaryllis Coleman said.

Many parents are still confused about it all, but having the support from the police department is helping them get through it.

“I’m very frustrated still, but a little more relieved that the Sylvester Police Department has stepped in to assist us and guide us in which way we need to go,” Coleman said.

According to Sylvester Interim Police Chief Gary Price, many different complaints were brought to the department’s attention. One report included a special needs student who can’t be touched. Deputies treated him like a normal suspect, and he hasn’t been back to school since.

“Because of his disability, he thinks that he was molested, so now he has to go through some more intense psychological evaluations before he comes back to school,” Chief Price said.

Another major concern from students and parents was the physical health of the students.

“The officers didn’t change gloves, so whatever bodily fluids, whatever contaminates they got from one person’s body was transferred to the other,” Price said.

Parents say their children are traumatized after going through that experience.

“I’ve been a little shaken up myself, so I can imagine what my daughter is feeling like,” Coleman said.

Coleman’s daughter hasn’t been the same since last Friday.

“My child is such a vibrant, happy-go-lucky girl, and the light in her eyes since Friday, it’s just not there,” Coleman said.

The Worth County NAACP has now launched an investigation on behalf of the students at Worth County High School.

The Worth County Sheriff's Office released a statement and said an improper search did happen last Friday, and necessary actions are being taken to correct the wrong and make sure that this doesn't happen again.

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