Parents sound off on child support system

Parents sound off on the child support system, saying inefficiencies cause major problems. / Matt Prichard

For mothers and fathers, child support can be the two most terrifying words in the English dictionary. Put them together and you have a wild roller coaster ride through a system that is seemingly endless.

"Starting out I thought the process would be easy, because they ask you to give the father's social if you have it, full name, and a contact number. I thought that would be it.....wrong," said single mother, Roni Ware.

And after an hour on hold, and being hung up on I was beginning to see Roni's point. In fact to get any information, I had to file a request with the Governor, and still had no luck reaching anyone in our local office.

Those that deal with the system daily say all too often it can cause discouragement and feelings of shame.

"It's a degrading experience because they talk to you like you deserve to go through all this hassle, there's that stigma of being an unwed mother that you have to go through with people," said Ware.

At times it can even feel like your fighting an uphill battle.

"You don't always feel like their on your side, it's like your being punished because you had a child with this man or woman that won't help you support it, once you all created the child," said Ware

However the system may be the easiest part, tracking down the mother or father, is a battle of it's own.

"My son is 22-years-old and in 18-years, I may have gotten $3,000

Regardless everyone agrees that change needs to come to the system. Posts flooded our Facebook page sounding off on fathers that had abused the system to avoid paying.

But all too often the father can be stereotyped into being the villain, and some say it isn't always the case.

"I'm saying for the fathers who are responsible for their child, don't take them to the cleaners, be fair to them, because that is your child's father, and your child needs him in his life," said an anonymous Southwest Georgia resident.

The woman above said she wished to remain anonymous, for fear that her views might be taken the wrong way.

"That might sound crazy but I'm a mom, and I think our sons, husbands and grandsons, should have there say so too," said the anonymous woman.

Change does seem to be creeping it's way in, automated systems are being revised to be easier to use, along with an attempt to make receiving and paying child support a more smooth process for dad's, mom's and of course the kids.

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