Parents heated after problems at practice

File footage from the FOX 31 archives. / WFXL File

A group of Berrien County parents are upset after they say their children had to go through strenuous practices that landed one child in the hospital.

At least 15 parents plan to speak out against what they say was an injustice at Berrien County Middle School.

They say after more than a month of closed baseball practices, they are just learning what happened behind closed doors.

"One child had to go to the hospital for dehydration after practice and the other kids were forced to run until they threw up," said Ken Morrison, Parent.

Ken Morrison says this happened Tuesday but it wasn't the first time the children had to go through such rigorous training.

Kimberly Woody says her child is still recovering after going to the hospital for dehydration.

"We are still continuing to give him water or fluids to help his dehydration," said Kimberly Woody, Parent.

FOX 31 reached out to the Danny Hayes, Superintendent of Berrien County schools, to get the school system's side of the story. Mr. Hayes confirmed there was an incident involving a coach/teacher and the baseball team.

Hayes said he couldn't give more information because this is a personnel issue but he does say the issue has been addressed and no one was fired.

Parents plan to address the Berrien County Board of Education about the issue in their Tuesday meeting.

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