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      Parents concerned by DCSS dropout numbers and test scores

      After 133 9th grade students in Dougherty County dropped out in 2013 and test scores fell well below the state average, the Dougherty County School System held a meeting on Monday to try and boost parental involvement.

      Officials say having parents more involved in their child TMs studies not only helps them to reach graduation, but will also keep them out of trouble.

      "I think education is better than our kids going to jail and a lot of people don't really take education seriously, but they really have to take education seriously, said father Marcus Ellerbee.

      "I'm hoping to walk away with some information that is useful, not just numbers. I want to know what is behind the numbers and how we as parents can help the children move forward," said Thelma Johnson, the mother of a 10th grade student.

      In order to make sure a difference is being made, school officials plan to get a grade of their own by taking the recommendations of the parents, applying them, and inviting the parents back towards the end of the school year to answer questions.

      "What was good about it, what we need to work and improve from our end, from the district end, because the bottom line is we want to help the children and we want to make sure we can do everything we can do for them and to spend the money wisely," said Interim Title I Director David Coley.