Parent speaks out on bullying

Lee County Board of Education hears a presentation regarding bullying in school. / From file

One Lee County parent is speaking out against bullying inside the Lee County School System.

Jessica Ethridge says her two daughters have both experienced bullying, even to the point of classmates allegedly saying they were, quote, "going to kill them."

Ethridge spoke to the school board this evening, and wanted to have her daughters and family in her interview with us after the meeting.

"That are talking about killing themselves, some of them have tried. 11 girls went to the guidance counselor and told them they had tried killing themselves and cutting themselves. That hits home. Especially when you have your own children coming to you," said Lee County parent, Jessica Ethridge.

Officials say they investigated the incident, and added that when it comes to bullying, it's a hard topic to pinpoint what constitutes punishment.

"The definition of bullying can be very broad, and that's one of the challenges to be able to define what is really meant by bullying. Some of it's quite obvious, but some isn't," said Superintendent, Dr. Lawrence T. Walters.

Dr. Walters also stated each school is responsible for investigating these incidents, and the board never wants to see any child mistreated while in school.