Parent choice law options posted

Priority zoned students will come first

House bill 251 becomes the Parent Choice Law effective tomorrow July 1st.

Parents will have the right to transfer their child to any school in the Dougherty County School district provided there is space available. D.C.S.S. says they project 10 elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools to have space for transfers. Administrators say parents need to be aware of the laws parameters.

"They have to provide and take responsibility for all transportation to and from school. High school parents need to know that Georgia high school athletic association rules say a student that takes a choice transfer and is not a bonifide move of the family to a new school zone must be ineligible for 365 days and not play varsity sports," said R.D. Harter Public Information Director.

Administrators say zoned students will be priority and a list of schools with possible openings will be available on their website tomorrow.