Paramedics honored for treating driver who hit ambulance

A new utility pole has since replaced the one hit by the ambulance September 13 / Ashley Knight

All the evidence that remains is broken windshield glass, metal and part of a side mirror from a small car. However, the memory of the crash that happened here is still fresh on the mind.

"And Elizabeth was driving and I was typing data into the computer and I heard her say 'what is he doing?'," said Paramedic Jeff Rambo.

"We were in the left hand lane, he was in the right hand lane on the one way and he just turned left in front of us and I couldn't get out of the way," said Paramedic Elizabeth Posey.

The two were traveling south on Madison Street September 13 when they struck the Honda Accord.

"We hit his rear end and then went into the driver side door," said Rambo.

The alley way between Whitney and Mercer was where the vehicle tried to turn into. Paramedics say they just don't know what was going through the mind of that driver.

"I don't know if he saw us or not, if he did, he didn't stop," said Posey.

But it's for what happened next that these two are being honored.

"Like always, they put the their patient ahead of themselves and everything else," says EMS Director, Bobby Tripp.

"And then after the impact she looked at me and I looked at her and we kind of said at the same time 'are you alright?' and then we saw him come out of the car and we went over there and started working with him," said Rambo.

Before a back-up ambulance arrived, Rambo and Posey had already treated the driver of the Honda. And although Rambo has been named paramedic of the year for his actions, he says it was just another day.

"I think we both appreciate that but it's just what we do every day that we work. That's our job is to take care of people," added Rambo.

The driver of the Honda was charged with improper lane change and driving with a suspended license.

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