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      Parade humbles Sutton's bike brigade

      More than 200 motorcycles led Lance Corporal Steven Sutton TMs funeral procession from Lee County into Albany. One of the motorcycle riders spoke with FOX 31 about what the experience was like for someone inside the brigade. Gary Willis, a member of the Patriot Guard, says the 17 mile stretch from Lee County to Albany's Crown Hill Cemetery on Dawson Road was a last chance for onlookers to give thanks to Lance Corporal Steven Sutton and the community came out in full force. Willis says it's a moment he TMll never forget.Whenever they said that they were going to try to make this whole route from all the way to the church to the cemetery, I thought well that's not going to happen but it happened all the way through, says Gary Willis, Patriot Guard motorcyclist. He says flags and banners lined the streets as they passed by and in the midst of the mourning were people of all shades and ages celebrating Sutton TMs life. Cub Scouts saluting, standing at attention. That was very moving. You know you expect adults but when you see the children that are learning the meaning of what it is to live in this country it's very gratifying, says Gary Willis. Larry Chestnut, a blinded Vietnam vet, stood along the route at full attention until the funeral procession was over. He says he wouldn't allow his handicap to keep him away from this moment. I served time in Vietnam and I know some of the things he's been through and I just came out to celebrate our fallen soldier, says Larry Chestnut, Vietnam Veteran. Those riding in the funeral procession say seeing the support of the community was a moving moment that shows the true culture of southwest Georgia. The outpouring of support from Lee County and Albany, it was just unreal. I had on my sunglasses but I was tearing up. This guy gave his life for us and everybody. No matter who you are you should be appreciative of that, says Gary Willis.