Pampered pooches get a two-for-one deal

Doggy gets pampered at the pet spa. / Jessica Fairley

Humans aren't the only ones trying to beat the summer heat; southwest Georgia's furry friends are finding ways to stay cool as well.

Animal lovers are keeping pet grooming businesses busy by taking advantage of a two-for-one deal that includes beauty and heat relief.

Because of this, in recent weeks business at the Dog Spot Groom-N-Spa say has been booming.

The growth in profits is contributed to pet owners who are taking all measures to keep their pets safe. Since it's so hot, they're bringing their animals in more frequently for haircuts.

"Just from the temperatures and humidity, dogs are just hot and panting and the owners just want to get some of the hair off of them and just try to get them cool. It's just been so hot. So I've done really well last week," says Liz Sechrist, owner of the Dog Spot Groom-N-Spa.

She says pet owners should also strive to keep their animals hydrated by providing plenty of water and shade.