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      Pain at the pump expected to get worse

      Gas prices are on the rise and from the looks of it; they won't be coming down anytime soon.

      Come July, $3.53 gas will seem like the good "oil" days. California and Hawaii have both bypassed the $4.00 mark and experts say the rest of the nation isn't far behind and the soaring costs will come sooner than later.

      Gas prices are up 25 cents since the beginning of the year and by late April, they're expected to reach up to $4.25.

      All my life, my grandparents would tell me it would be a quarter back in the day, so $4.25 for me is just outrageous, especially in Georgia, said Jordan Knight.

      Many drivers say they remember the days when gas was $1.00 per gallon and $10.00 could get your tank close to full. Now that amount will only get close to three gallons.

      It TMs hard for people to get back and forth to where they need to go and at the same time survive and eat and balance it all out. Gas is now considered as a bill, said Albany driver Kaylon Allen.

      It TMs a bill that one college student says he can barely afford.

      I myself live 40 miles away in Pelham and driving a Mustang GT with a V8 engine is just really hard to afford that and go to college, said Darton College student John Bradshaw.

      The 18-year-old student says making the 40 mile commute to work and school isn't his only concern, but if gas prices continue to soar it may be placed at the top of his list, as he TMll have to make adjustments in his lifestyle choices.

      The current price of gas per gallon in Georgia is set at $3.54. The national average is $3.55.