Packing preparation a definite positive

Albany residents get prepared for disaster situations. / Matt Prichard

As storm season surges forward, officials in Albany are hoping to get local residents as prepared as possible. City Commissioner Ivy Hines welcomed the American 'Red Cross: Flint River Chapter,' to his town hall meeting this morning, in hopes of educating and preventing.

"The major emphasis I think we lifted up was, she had an explanation of what should be in a kit. In a disaster kit. And there were some very critical things in there that people may not think of," said Commissioner Hines.

From a gallon of water per-person, to board games for the kids, officials with the American Red Cross say these kits can make a big difference, especially here in Albany.

"In Albany we've had times where we've had flooding, and those type of emergencies, and we always have single family we're asking the families to be prepared just in case something may happen," said American Red Cross representative, Nature Malone.

But preparation doesn't stop at your own front door, officials say donating to the Red Cross can keep the entire community up-to-speed and ready for anything.

"The resources that are given in this community, are the ones that are used to support this community. And I think it's critical that we understand that, when we're giving to the Red Cross in times of crisis, that we're supporting our own selves," said Commissioner Hines.

And Commissioner Hines added one last key component to being ready for disaster.

"Most important is make sure you have a can opener, so you can open the cans of food, so you can eat," said Hines.

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