Owner of seized dogs getting the run around

Another dog seized from Culbreath's property.

A Dougherty County man says officials aren't cooperating with the law when it comes to a litter of dogs that were seized from his home.

Back in March, Carey Culbert had 20 dogs seized from his home for suspected dog fighting, but now the tables have turned.

The detectives at the Dougherty County Police Department cleared me of fighting, says Carey Culbert, a dog owner.

In Monday TMs trial, Judge Willie Lockett approved an order for Culbert to receive the remaining 12 dogs that hadn't been euthanized. But days later, Culbert says he can't figure out why officials are giving him the runaround.

Every time I call they say they're busy or call me back or not to call. I don't own any dogs at the humane society. The dogs are the property of the city, says Carey Culbert.

He says he's been told that a lawyer would contact his lawyer for the exchange of the animals. However, after reaching out through the phone, he says his lawyers haven't received any replies.

Culbert says he just wants to know that the rest of his animals are okay and still alive.

I got out of jail April 5th and I TMve been calling and pleading for them to let me just come out there and see them, says Culbert.

Culbert TMs neighbors say he takes good care of his animals and he doesn TMt deserve this kind of treatment.

They did him wrong from the start. If they tell him he can get his dogs and he can't go out there, then how is he going to get his dogs, says Richard Bishop.

Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards says although there are no dog fighting charges in this case, Culbert still faces criminal charges for aggravated animal cruelty and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Fox 31 found out that the Humane Society's lawyer, Michael Hall, may be handling the case. Hall has been out of town for several days and is expected to return Thursday.

Culbert says hopefully then he will get some answers.

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