Overnight crime keeps APD busy

Two shootings and an attempted robbery were just some of the calls that kept police busy overnight

Two shootings and an attempted robbery were just some of the calls that kept police busy overnight.

"All of a sudden, I hear three gun shots. My sister ran out the bathroom and said get down, get down get down," said Tanzania Jordan who was in here house when some shot into it.

The gunfire put three bullets holes in the front door of the home on Pinedale Court. With 7 people inside, including a 1 year-old girl, it's a miracle no one was hurt.

"I was very shocked. Because anybody could have been shot in here," said Jordan.

The residents say they don't know the person that walked up and sent bullets flying into the house, narrowly missing some. They said they saw a black male running away after the shots were fired.

It was only one of several violent incidences overnight. Two men in their 20's were shot on Slappey Boulevard when someone in a car pulled up and started shooting. Both men were taken to the hospital but are expected to be okay.

Police did arrested 22-year-old Shannon Jordan, 22-year-old Tannon Jordan, and 20-year-old Alexander Hunt in connection with the crime.

Police were also called after a man fought off two would be robbers.

"He came up to the front steps and pulled a pistol. And tried to push the other young man into the house yelling 'get in the house or I'm going to shoot,'" said Arthur Pickard.

That's when Pickard, a Vietnam vet, jumped into action

"I took my cane and I nudged that man off into the grass, went after the other guy and swung the handle here and "bam" knocked that pistol right out of his hand," said Pickard.

The robbers wanted no part of Arthur and took off. He said he had to protect his family.

"I am a firm believer of taking care of my family, as long as I can breathe and walk and I can do what I think is necessary to protect my family and my home. I will do it," said Pickard.

Fear was never an option.

"I told the man you think I was scared of a pistol. I said you need something bigger then a pistol to scare me and I think he was more scared of me," said Pickard. "Other then that, yeah it's a chance, but i had the lord on my side."

Police have only described the would-be robbers as two black males.