Overheated outdoor workers wearing more clothing

Construction workers on a job site in 90 degree weather. / Jessica Fairley

As temperatures reach to the mid-90's and higher on a daily basis, many people are finding ways to avoid outdoor activities but there are some people who have to work in the heat every day.

For those who work outside, whether they like it or not, the summer heat is there to be embraced and who knows the woes of outdoor labor more than a construction worker.

Kevin Young, the on-site supervisor for the Olive Garden construction site, says he walks around daily checking in with workers to make sure they aren't suffering from dizziness or fatigue.

"We actually had one guy last week when the weather was in the hundreds, that had gotten a little bit nauseated and we sat him down and cooled him off and put a wet rag on his head," says Ganaway construction supervisor Kevin Young.

Managers advise wearing lighter colors and surprisingly extra clothing.

"That first layer of clothes is going to soak up the water and actually it helps to cool your body off more than what some people think," says Ricky Page, construction supervisor for Drawdy Roofing and Vinyl Siding.

When temperatures break into the hundreds at ground level, the heat atop a roof is at least 10 degrees higher, meaning workers have to take water breaks more frequently to stay hydrated.

"Drinking sodas are not the best thing in this type of heat. Water and Gatorade is probably the best thing that you can have," says Page.

Workers on the Olive Garden construction site are provided with plenty of ice cold water to stay hydrated while on the job.

Most of the workers on the site have a construction hat to protect their head from injury, and it also protects them from the sun. Some people even take a damp cloth and place it under their hat for extra protection to stay cool during the dog days of summer.

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