Over $200k in new equipment for LCSO

Photo Credit: File

Sheriff Reggie Rachals of Lee County says the equipment the Sheriff's Office inherited from the Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO) last month is being improved and has already been used on several occasions.

Last month LESO gave the Lee County Sheriff's Office two equipment trucks, a grey Chevrolet 7500 series and a white Ford E350 which came to a $271,000 value.

The grey Chevy has currently been marked with the official "Lee County Sheriff" label on it. Additionally, Sheriff Rachals says it's already been used in the Christmas parade and to pick up equipment from Virginia.

Sheriff Rachals adds the white Ford is being cleaned out and transformed into a Mobile Command Unit so officials can work away from the office and on a sight if need be. He continued to say when it's finished the truck can also be used for other agencies like the Public Safety Department which includes the Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

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