Over 20 pit bulls impounded Monday

21 pit bulls were found at 714 W.2nd Ave

Albany Animal Control found more than twenty pit bulls in despicable conditions Monday at a home on Second Avenue.

They're investigating whether these dogs are connected to Friday's dog fighting raid. The dogs were found at 714 west Second Avenue. Kim Davis of animal control say they found feces everywhere in the backyard, water buckets turned over and some with dirty water that had clearly been sitting for several days. Carey Culbreath is said to live in the apartment behind number 714 and owns the dogs. Davis suspected Culbreath after she heard William Burns had been arrested on dog fighting charges.

"Myself and other agents had been out to other addresses where Mr. Burns and Mr. Culbreath that owns the dogs here, kept their dogs together," Said Davis.

Culbreath was not at home when animal control agents got there. Twelve adults, nine puppies were impounded with scars and other signs they've been in fights, but Davis says it's too early to tell whether they were used for fighting. Albany Police say they found nine more dogs on Wells Avenue around noon Monday -- one of those dogs was already dead. The owner was not home at the time.

Once APD finds Culbreath, he will be cited with inhumane treatment, unsanitary conditions, and no valid rabies tags.