Over 100 kids parade on MCLB

Military child parade headed by band

While parents are stationed miles away, military children can sometimes feel a void. Family, friends, and mentors often times try to fill it.

"We just try to console them and love on them and let them know how much we care," said Marine Corps Logistics Base Child Development Center Director Dorothy Bryant.

On Friday at 3:00 p.m., the Child Development Center (CDC) threw a parade in honor of the month of the military child. There were no floats, horses, or throws in the parade. Parents and teachers pushed toddlers along in strollers and baby buggies.

Children waved and marched to the sounds coming from the band, while teachers belted out chants.

After the parade, children had the option to eat, jump in bounce houses, or have their faces painted.

While some parents weren't able to make the event, many were in attendance. One father remembered the feeling of his friends trying to cope while away from their families.

"It was tough on them. I've been very fortunate not to go back," said Marine Staff Sergeant Jacob Perry.

For a job that's hard to explain to children, supporters simply display their thanks.

"We really appreciate our military families. Without them we wouldn't be here," said CDC Director Dorothy Bryant.