Outside workers battle scorching temperatures

Landscaper Mickey Kennedy mows a lawn Thursday morning. / Mike Manzoni

With temperature hovering around 100 degrees, it is hard to do almost anything, but there are several people who have to work outside all day, facing scorching temperatures that have forced them to get creative to stay cool.

"It's hot, without a doubt, it's hot," said landscaper Mickey Kennedy. "The humidity is really a bigger problem than the actual temperature. When you go from a 97 and all of a sudden it feels like it's 108, it makes it hard to deal with. "

Kennedy, who works outside all day, has an unusual method for keeping cool. "Another thing that I do is wear long pants and long sleeve shirts."

Mechanic Lucius Amburn stands outside throughout the day waving down customers, and works inside a garage with the doors open.

"We always keep plenty of hydration -- water, Gatorade best that we can. We rotate; we don't stand out there too long a time." He said he often takes breaks in an air conditioned room.

So far, there have been 21 heat-related deaths nationwide.