Outside prosecutor for school lunch case

Velvet Riggins investigated for school lunch fraud. / Jessica Fairley

The Dougherty County District Attorney's office confirms that a special prosecutor has been appointed to handle the case of school board member Velvet Riggins.

Riggins turned herself in to the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office earlier this month on charges of falsifying documents for the school system's free lunch program and as doing so as a public official.

The second of which is a felony charge.

According to police, the charges stem from her child's 2011-2012 school lunch application.

Dougherty County D.A. Greg Edwards has recused himself from the matter.

Now south Georgia Judicial Circuit D.A. Joseph Mulholland or someone from his office will handle the case from here on out.

Albany locals say bringing in an outside prosecutor will make the process fair for Riggins and help the community by ensuring justice is served.