Outdoor workers brave 100 degree heat

When temperatures reach over 100 degrees most people want to hide inside under the air conditioner, but those who work outside can't escape.

Drawdy Roofing workers said since it's their job to work in the element, they are used to it. They just prepare for the weather.

"We try to drink plenty of water and Gatorade and take frequent breaks," said roofing foreman James Carter.

He said since everyone's body is different, he leaves it up to his employees to decide when they need a break.

"I don't know how much that one can stand," said Carter, "You know I may can stand a little more than they can and I may can't."

He said if he had to choose between the cold weather or the hot weather, the cold would always win.

"With the cold weather I can kind of put on enough clothes but out here in this heat you can just about get butt naked and you'll still be burning up," said Carter.