Outdated water system concern Warwick officials

The Warwick City Council meets to discuss upgrading the city's water system. / Jessica Fairley

Warwick city leaders held a public hearing Tuesday night to hear what the community had to say about a grant they plan to apply for.

After receiving no comments, the city council voted to move forward with a plan to apply for a $500,000 grant to replace the city's outdated underground water lines.

"We have excellent water right now but we want to insure that we will have good water," said Donald Watson, Warwick Mayor Pro Tem.

He says the outdated system was constructed back in 1936 with lead joints which could cause concern for residents.

Council members won't know until August whether or not the funds have been granted to upgrade the city's pipe system.

While the city works to upgrade their water system, they're also adopting a measure to catch criminals.

The board voted to invest in new car tag readers. It'll cost about $1,400 a quarter to run the program.

Officers will be able to use the readers to point out expired tags, stolen vehicles and those with lapsed insurance.

"As it sees a car, it reads the tag and it can read them very fast. It can read several hundred tags a minute," said Tommy Carmichael, Representative for Vigilant Solutions.

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