Optimus Prime among growing victims of art park vandals

Optimus Prime is just one of the works of art disfigured at the art park by people writing their name over the art. / Jessica Fairley

The Albany Art Park has been open for several months and the walls are nearly full of artwork from Downtown Arts Coalition artists and community members using the space as an outlet for expression.

As wall space has become limited, officials say people have started defacing some of the large works done by the Downtown Arts Coalition.

Several oversized designs, including an Optimus Prime painting, has been vandalized.

Officials say more than likely the suspects are kids having fun but don't know the rules of the art park.

Everyone is allowed to contribute to the open space however the outer walls are set aside for artists.

Anyone can use the 6 feet inner brick wall or the floor for expression.

Downtown Manager Aaron Blair says several areas have been whited out because of the defaced works of art. In a few weeks, a major white out will take place to free up space for others.

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