'Operation Shock and Awe' take criminals of the street

Cops make an arrest during 'Operation Shock and Awe.' / Jessica Fairley

A new effort is underway in Albany to eliminate crime this holiday season.

'Operation Shock and Awe' is the Albany Police Department's way of catching criminals red handed.

"Any criminal activity taking place in the presence of our officers will be zero tolerance and you're subject to be arrested," said Albany Police Department Deputy Chief Nathaniel Clark.

After receiving multiple calls about drug and gang activity throughout the city, the police department is locking hands with concerned citizens.

On Monday officers hit the streets of the McIntosh housing community. The area is monitored by a neighborhood watch yet there are still signs of gang activity around.

Police say they are using every method to catch any criminal offender they can find.

"We have enhanced our services on the street. We're putting more officers on the street for high visibility and high response time," said Nathaniel Clark.

"We're using our radios, cell phones, anything that we have," said Albany Police Department Sergeant Terrence Whitlock.

The armed officers also used all forms of transportation. They were out on ATVs, bikes, cars and even their feet. With this method, it didn't take long before they found an offender.

"With this particular call here, the officer has made a drug arrest," said Nathaniel Clark.

Clark says getting one offender off the streets brings law enforcement that much closer to providing a safe environment for Albany.

Monday was the first day of 'Operation Shock and Awe.' Law enforcement officials say they'll be out in different communities throughout the holiday season.