Operating system Linux deters computer viruses

Ubuntu stems from different codes people have built off of from Linux / Sarah Bleau

In our Facebook Story of the Day viewers wanted to know about a computer operating system called Linux. Linux is an alternative operating system such as the popular Windows system or the iOS for Macs.

Computer experts say Linux has much of the same applications that Windows offers such as a word processor and internet browser. They say there is one characteristic of the operating system that stands out.

"Because Linux is open source and all of the codes are kind of different, people that are writing these viruses don't write them for Linux. So therefore, for the same reason you don't get viruses on a Mac you won't get viruses on Linux as well," says Timothy Conlon, Co-Owner of The Computer Nerd.

Conlon says Linux is free; all you have to do is download one of the systems like Ubuntu or Suse onto a CD and install it onto your computer.

He says previously Linux was seen as a difficult operating system to use but as technology became more user-friendly so did Linux.

For more about Linux, check out individual distributions such as Redhat, Slackware, or Mint. For a wider selection, visit