Opening date set for new Downtown Albany bar

Owner Donna Driskell is working hard with help from family and friends on finishing the inside of Booters / Sarah Bleau

Many in the Albany community have been saying that Downtown Albany needs more for the nightlife. A new sports bar will be helping with this very soon.

Booters Sports Bar and Grill is scheduled to open its doors on September 30th where the former Downtown General Store was located.

This venture is the first of its kind for owner Donna Driskell. She says she kept hearing people say there is nowhere to really go and watch games, so it inspired her to open up Booters.

The sports bar will feature local flavor and beer as well as five big flat screens to watch the big games on!

As for where the name "Booters" came from, Driskell says people will have to wait until the opening to learn about it.