Opening acts get fewer rings to jump through

A performer sings at the 2014 Hammer Jam. / WFXL

Promoters bringing special outdoor events to the 'Good Life City' may soon have their approval process sped-up.

Albany commissioners have voted to form a special events committee to handle all outdoor activity requests.

The police department, fire department, code enforcement and city engineering will all serve on the board, which would be headed-up by the downtown city manager.

This means promoters will no longer have to go from office to office seeking approval for every step they take and the permit process won't have to go through the city commission.

"Often we get people who come to us who want to do an event and we have to turn them down or get them to try and postpone it because we would have to get the commission's permission," said Mike Tilson, Albany Code Enforcement Director.

Commissioners will make a final vote on whether or not to form the special events committee during their nighttime meeting on September 24th.

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