Open forum for Broad Avenue bridge designs

Bridge Forum participants

Georgia Department of Transportation held an open forum to discuss the two options for the Broad Avenue Bridge.

Officials answered questions, took comments, and explained the differences between the bridges to dozens of people who attended the open forum.

Georgia Department of Transportation official Craig Solomon says the bridges will both hold the same amount of weight, however they have different environmental and historical concerns.

The concrete segmental bridge has two pillars on both sides of the river and a fortified arc shape to support the center of the bridge. The less expensive standard concrete bridge has two pillars that would be in the Flint River to support the bridge.

Both designs plan to have space for motorists, bicyclists, and sidewalks for pedestrians, but all that hinges on federal funding. Right now the project has money set aside, however officials say GDOT is having financial issues like the rest of the state and is working hard to find the rest of the money to fund the project which will cost between $7-$12 million dollars.

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