Only room for one Champion in Albany

Commissioners weigh their options on two streets that share the same name. / Matt Prichard

Albany City Commissioners heard a presentation on Tuesday in regards to two streets that share the name, "Champion." The issue was raised after emergency personnel were sent on a call, and accidentally arrived at the wrong street.

One of those streets runs through a residential area in South Dougherty County, the other is a one-way street that borders the courthouse downtown. Commissioners were presented with the idea of changing one of the two streets to "Courthouse Drive," but commissioners found themselves in an ordeal after beginning debate.

The street was originally named for J.P. Champion Sr. a former city commissioner, and business advocate during the 1920's. His granddaughter spoke to the commission asking them not to change the name, and instead change the other street.

Commissioners stated that changing the residential street would force families living in the area to adjust all their documents, due to the address change.

A compromise is still being worked out and the issue has been tabled for the time being.

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