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      Only memories remain after massive fire displaces family

      On Thursday evening, a family in Worth County lost their home after a massive fire took over and destroyed it.

      Four family members lived in the house together.

      Residents say they are trying to move on after this terrifying ordeal.

      Homeowner Kendra Odom says, "my mind was set on my husband. This house was his life and all of out memories were in the house. My wedding dress was in their, my wedding pictures. All of my memories of my Mama was in there. And now I'm just trying to move on."

      The American Red Cross stepped in and put the family up in the Days Inn in Cordele.

      They also provided the family grocery money as well as money for clothing and shoes, totaling $685.

      Michael Shivok, a Volunteer with the American Red Cross says, "this couldn't be done without help and donations from the community."

      The family says they are trying to move on, and are thankful everyone made it out okay.

      No word if they are going to rebuild.

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