Online bidders help county revenues

Governments are able to raise extra revenue by selling surplus items on / Ashley Knight

Cities and counties are struggling and having to cut back to keep operating in this rough economy.

And Dougherty County is no exception.

But--the county may have a little more help than they would have otherwise through a website called

Free of charge, governments are allowed to post surplus items like vehicles, furniture, and even jewelry for sale, just like on eBay.

Then bidding is open to the public.

In addition to bringing in revenue, County Administrator Richard Crowdis says it also helps save money.

"It does reduce your storage costs or the need to store. It also guarantees our payments. We get our payments within five days of the sell," says Crowdis.

Over the past five years, the county has received $1,132,790 through selling items on the website.

The money will usually go back into the Capital Improvements Fund.