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      One phone call costs school system thousands

      FOX 31 is digging deeper to see just how much a prank phone call cost the Tift County School System after an evacuation.Tuesday morning, 17-year-old Orantae Garman called 911 with a bomb threat for Tift County High School.Students and staff evacuated the building for two hours while police searched for explosives.School officials say this stunt cost the school system $20,000 and that's not including what it cost emergency officials to come out to the school.This is the second bomb threat in Tift County within the last 12 months.Superintendent Patrick Atwater says combined both bomb threats add up to at least $250,000 of lost funds for the school system.He says the price of pranks is even higher when you add up how it affects the students who put in the call.Students over 17-years-old are charged as adults and having terroristic threats or false public alarm charges on their record could keep them from reaching their full potential in life.Although school officials won't say what will happen to Orantae Garman, they do add that this type of crime warrants an expulsion.

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