One mistake isn't the end of the world

"4Given" was held today at Albany State University. / Sean Streicher

Alexander Pope said "to err, is human to forgive is divine", and forgiving was the theme of today's Youth Empowerment summit held at Albany State University.

Parents for Change teamed up with various community groups to organize the event, " 4Given ", to let kids know that past mistakes don't have to affect the rest of their lives. Speakers and performers from around the country were on hand to deliver positive messages.

While the performers and speakers took the stage to motivate the youth, that doesn't mean they weren't able to sneak a little bit of entertainment in there as well.

Jonathan Marks, who attended the event said, "I'm having a great time, watching the Collision Group (a dance group that preformed) do their thing."

The event was successful as event organizer, Sanford Hillsman, says the message was received by the youth, "When one of the young men was talking earlier I could see expression on the young men's faces. There was a young lady up here earlier talking about how she almost tossed away college degree because she got involved with the wrong people. To see these young girls in this room here today eyes wide open keying on her (every) word."