One minute to win a vote

Photo Credit: Rheya Spigner

The candidates for District Four seats had seven minutes to convince residents why they are the best at a Town Hall meeting in the Law Enforcement Center Saturday morning.

FOX 31 spoke to each candidate individually asking them three questions per candidate group and giving them one minute each to answer.

The first question was to the Dougherty County School Board District candidates; What's one thing you'd like to see change in the school system?

Aaron Johnson said, "What I'd like to see change is greater connection and engagement with the community I think I'll bring the expertise of finance and the ability to make the best use of resources.

Melissa Strother answered, "Smaller class sizes I think this is something that we have got to focused on, my other issue is literacy but for literacy programs to be most affective we have to have smaller classrooms."

The next question was for the Dougherty County Commission Candidates of District Four; Where should tax dollars be spent?

Patrick Garner said, "On the people who should be working for the county right now the first responders the Dougherty County Police, The Sheriffs Deputies have only starting wages of $12 and hour which is not competitive at all within the region."

Tracy Taylor answered , "The Lily Pad Foundation, YMCA, we should direct them to the boys and girls club those program need our assistance I believe our leadership and guidance starts in the home first but I also believe leadership and guidance can be secondary in the community. "

The last question went to State House District 153 candidates; what is the biggest problem you hope to tackle?

Darrel Ealum said, " If there is one area where we can make phenomenal improvement to improve the lifestyle for everybody in this community it would be education that's why I worked very very hard for the last for years to improve education."

Carol Fullerton answered, "Working across the aisle with our other legislatures that are both Republican and Democrats so working within the Democratic party and working across the aisle.

Lastly Muralean Edwards said, "Opportunity is most important, empowerment is equally as important but before we get to that we must have educational attainment through the highs, it's what attracts the work force market."

Those seven candidates will be on your ballots come May 20th and John Howard, City Commissioner urges and reminds residents to go out and vote.