One million...words. Kids gear up for reading

Kids gear up for reading. / Matt Prichard

Kids at Lamar Reese Magnet School of Fine Arts geared up for reading Friday by committing to the One Million Words Campaign.

Elementary schoolars throughout Dougherty County will be taking part in this event, allowing teachers, parents and of course students to get excited about reading.

"We try and always at least exceed our last record. And so every year our children faithfully right the names of the books in their folders, and every quarter we gather up the totals from every classroom, and then we post them for every classroom, and we also do a grand total for the school each quarter," said media specialist for Lamar Reese Magnet School, Pamela Roshio.

The event will go throughout the school year, and officials hope to see the kids really get excited to pick up a book.