One injured in fishy altercation at AJ's Oyster Bar

Photo Credit: Jessica Fairley

The owner and two staff members at AJ's Seafood and Oyster Bar are facing charges after a fight broke out inside the establishment.

Thursday afternoon Albany Police received a call about an unwanted guest but before they made it on scene the purpose of the call changed.

"While in route, the call turned into a call regarding a fight," said Phyllis Banks, Albany Police Department Public Information Officer.

Phyllis Banks says, according to witness testimony, Timothy Banthongsack entered the restaurant asking for money and after being told to leave he became disruptive. Police report witnesses say Kaylene Bridges, a waitress at the restaurant, then used curse words to make the man leave but when that didn't work she used physical force.

"What the police officer has included in his report is a waitress pushed the victim from behind and that led to further altercation," said Phyllis Banks.

In his statement to police, Jeremy Hancock stated that he gave the man several opportunities to leave the location. Witnesses say when Banthonsack refused Alvin Adams, the owner of the restaurant, attacked the man slamming him to the floor. This is when others joined in to help drag the victim out the door.

After the fight, Banthongsack had a swollen forehead and a laceration to one of his arms.

"The three that were arrested consisted of the owner of the restaurant owner, the manager of the restaurant, and one of the waitresses," said Phyllis Banks.

Alvin Adams and Kaylene Bridges are charged with disorderly conduct, while Jeremy Hancock was arrested for interference with an officer.

No charges have been filed against Banthongsack at this time.

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