One brick down, thousands more to go

Demolition of the Heritage house is officially underway. / Sean Streicher

After weeks of preparation, which included a thorough asbestos abatement, the Heritage House is being demolished.

Fittingly, Mayor Dorothy Hubbard, had the honor of removing the first brick, as she has worked toward this day since before being elected mayor.

The Heritage House has sat vacant for over a decade, and now the end is finally in sight as demolition is set to wrap up in 6 weeks.

The dilapidated building sits on one of Albany busiest streets and many people say is casting an ugly shadow on the community. Mayor Hubbard says, "There were so many people as we were campaigning that really wanted to have this building down, and they agreed with me that it had been up to long and it was an eye sore and it was not a good representation of our community."

After the lot is cleared, the City of Albany will own it out right. They are currently in the process of figuring out the best use for the property.