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      On fire? Response time 20 minutes

      If you travel down Main Street in Warwick, you TMll see the police department, the post office, and every normal building a town should have, though there is one thing missing.As of right now, the fire department isn TMt manned, which means they rely solely on volunteers. So, if you live in Warwick and your house catches on fire, and a volunteer can TMt make it into work, then you have to wait until the Worth County Fire Department can get there, which could take a while.We TMre going 74 miles per hour carrying a thousand gallons of water and it TMll take us 20 to 25 minutes to get there," Tom Whittington of Worth County EMS said. "In eight minutes a house or a trailer could be on the ground.For Louise Hilliard, who TMs lived in Warwick for 16 years, these are pretty scary numbers. Hilliard says, I really don TMt want my house to burn down, I want to live here the rest of my life.It TMs not just a matter of fire response time, either. It TMs also a matter of insurance. In ISO ratings Warwick currently has the highest rating you can get, which is a 10. This means people who live there are paying a lot more than someone who lives in Sylvester with an ISO rating of 5. Hilliard says she pays $1,500 in insurance every month and her agent said if the ISO rating were to go down, her payment could be cut in half.

      Whittington says Worth County Commissioners and Warwick City Officials are working to find a way to add several full-time firefighters so that someone will be at the fire department at all times. Whittington says he presented the facts to all those involved and residents of Warwick and now it TMs up to them to do something about it. The fire department has a class-A pumper and is ready to go, all they need are those full time positions.