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      Omega residents worried after shooting

      Earlier this week FOX 31 reported a shooting in Omega that resulted in the death of a 19 year old.

      Five men, Trevon Rushton, Kelly Warren, Edwin Williams, Carrington Hollis, and Ronadarin Jones were arrested in connected to the shooting that took the life of Tyler Johnson.

      Johnson lived on Georgia Avenue in Omega, where the shooting took place. Neighbors of Johnson are questioning their safety after the shooting.

      Troy Miller who has lived there for over 50 years said, Omega is a small town. It TMs a tragedy in our community and I TMm not really safe here anymore. No one is. Mary Vasquez who has only lived in the area for a few months said, It makes me sad because I have sons and I feel so sorry because he was so young.

      But when asked if those residents have anything to worry about, Sheriff Gene Scarbrough said, Not now because we have the people who committed the crime in jail and they TMre from out of town.

      Scarbrough says as far as what TMs next, Along with the cooperation of the GBI and everyone else involved in it, we TMll get this case ready for court and hopefully get a successful prosecution on all of them. The family deserves that.

      As far as a motive, it was too soon for officials to release that kind of information but all five suspects were charged with murder and conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

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