Officials give reason behind recanted abuse claims

Officials said abuse does not discriminate. It can affect men and women, but sometimes after those victims reach out for help, their stories change.

"Women who are married to influential men in the community are more readily willing to say that the violence did not occur," said Silke Deeley, Liberty House Representative.

She said this could happen because they have a lot more to lose than anyone else. Like, if a person has no control over household finances and the have no other way to support themselves, they may stay.

Deeley said people who have money or are married to money don't necessarily want to lose their things. She said another reason people stay in violent situation is because of fear.

Authorities said women who are in a situation of abuse often times feel there is no way out. They said the best thing for these women to do is seek help and take control of their life.

"If someone is going through an abusive situation such as domestic violence, we strongly encourage them to call the police or contact law enforcement," said Albany Police Department Family Protection Unit Detective Bryant Levrett.

He said there are a number of resources that are available to help victims.