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      Officials decide on disaster plan

      UPDATE: (2/24/13 4:35 PM) Worth County officials have announced Worth County Schools are closed on Monday due to flooding. During a meeting, county and city officials expressed concerns over transporting the students through flooded areas and the possibility of them being stuck at school if their houses became flooded during school hours. School officials released the following statement: "As a result of road closures in Worth County and the resulting safety concerns related to transporting students, Worth County Schools will not be in session tomorrow (Monday, February 25). Faculty and staff should report to work if possible. Current plans are for schools to resume normal operations on Tuesday, February 26." ORIGINAL STORY: Various Worth County and City of Sylvester officials met on Sunday afternoon to create a disaster plan for the expected additional rainfall. On Saturday, the county received around 4-6 inches of rain, causing flooding and a total of 28 roads to be closed. Worth County Public Works Director John Merritt says although the water has started to recede, if the area receives one more inch of rain it will flood just as bad, if not worse. Fire and Rescue Deputy Director John Graddy says with more expected rain just around the corner, all departments within the city and county came together to have a plan ready on how to respond. City and county officials say they have set a limit and if the rain exceeds that, they will begin setting up a staging area at the Fire and Rescue building for displaced residents and those who need sandbags. Representatives from the county's Red Cross chapter say they're also preparing to intake displaced families if it gets to that point. The county says to help prevent in-house flooding, they're allowing residents to get up to 20 sandbags per house from the agriculture pavilion. Officials say if the additional rain strands you or damages your house, call 911 or the Fire and Rescue team who will help evacuate you. Worth County school officials say they're currently deciding on their plan of whether to close classes on Monday but haven't made a final decision yet. Officials say they'll release an official statement with the decision soon. Stay connected to as stories develop and the FOX 31 Newscast at 10 PM. Visit us on Facebook and Twitter to join in on the conversation and connect with FOX 31!