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      Officers trade their badge for the notepad

      Being re-trained on your job is always a good thing, especially if your job is protecting and serving.

      That's why Chief Brackin with the Darton State College Police Department attended the 46th annual Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police Summer Training Conference.

      Brackin was among more than 485 heads of law enforcement agencies attending

      The Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police is responsible for the delivery of training to the chiefs of Georgia's police departments and law enforcement agencies.

      Chief Brackin explained why having this kind of training is so important.

      "You get to talk about the problems you're having personnel and budget cuts and those type of things and it's just good to get together and stay on top of policing in this century things are constantly changing so as police chiefs and executive you got to stay on top of those," said Brackin.

      The next training will be held in January of next year.

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