Officers involved in Charley B's incident disciplined

Three officers are disciplined and one exonerated following an August incident at Charley B's.

Albany police officer Corporal Daniel Ball has been suspended five days without pay and reassigned to the uniform division from the drug unit. Officer Rodney Brown has received a written reprimand. Dougherty County Sheriff's Detention Officer Julian Martin has been suspended three days without pay. And, Dougherty County Patrol Officer Thomas Stewart Williamson was cleared of any allegations of misconduct and was never placed under suspension. Chief Don Cheek tells Fox 31 news that witness statements and a polygraph tests prove Williamson was not present during the incident. The disciplinary action stems from an August 20th incident where genitals were reportedly placed on an officer's face, while he was passed out inside Charley B's.

The officers were off duty.

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